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One Day Only: 25% Off Gas Card Scenario at Publix w/Discover Card

June 30, 2011

This is a one day deal scenario, according to my simple calculations.

This week’s flyer for Florida Publix stores (6/30/11 – 7/6/11) has a coupon for $10 off $50 Gas Card for each grocery purchase of $25.  Pay with Discover Card, and you will get 5% cash back for your supermarket purchase, if you have signed up for their June promotion where you get 5% cash back for grocery store purchases.  The promo ends today (see for details).

  • Publix coupon  =  20% off
  • Discover Card cash back = 5%

You can also print the Publix coupon by clicking here.

Call Discover Card or go online to sign up for the promo if you haven’t already.  While you are doing that, go ahead and sign up for the promo that starts July, 5% cash back for gas purchases.


End of Month Coupon Housekeeping. Don’t lose a deal.

30 days has September, April, June and November.  That means it is time to:

End of the Month Housekeeping for Couponers

  • Pull out all your coupons that expire June 30th.
  • Use what you can and do what you will with the rest.  You can donate them to military personnel that are allowed to use them at commissaries.  There are various options, so just do a quick search and choose the one you like most.
  • Check your various June savings booklets and promotions (i.e. Walgreens).
  • Go to your favorite coupon printing sites and print out what you like, because coupons tend to disappear at the end of the month.

Here are some of the very popular coupon links

FREE Neti Pot. Summer = Allergies = Get Neti Pot 100% Free

Lots of folks are starting to use a Neti Pot for irrigating and soothing the nasal passages  They may not know it as a “Neti Pot”.  But that’s it’s traditional name.  I have been using one for more than 15 years.  I have a nice porcelain one from the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA (called The Original Neti Pot, and I have a plastic one from Walgreens for travel.

You an be the owner of a lovely unbreakable Neti Pot and two sinus cleanse packets for FREE.  Just “Like” NeilMed on Facebook, and you’ll be taken to an online form for the Neti Pot.  Just mix the sinus cleanse packet in warm water.



Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine BOGOS a Regular Event at Publix Supermarkets.

Today was the last day for my Publix’s Lean Cuisines @ 5 for $10.  While checking out, the cashier told me that they put them on sale about every three weeks.  “Well I’ll be Danged”, I said (NO, I really didn’t).  What I said was, “Now I can start planning better.”

FREE Tote Bag – Limited Time Offer From 4C

To get this free black & white reusable tote bag, just mail in 2 proofs of purchase from any 4C foods products -and- the store cash register receipt.  The nice folks at 4C’s headquarters in Brooklyn, NY will take care of the rest.   You’ll find 4C’s instructions here.  You just pay for the stamp to get it there, and 4C will pay to ship the tote bag to you.  More tote bags = fewer plastic and paper bags = better.

Here’s how 4C describes the tote bag on their website:

“The tote bag is hand sewn and can hold up to 50 pounds of all your favorite things. The tote bag is made from 100% no-woven polypropylene mesh, is completely non-toxic, and is machine washable in cold water.”

While you are at the 4C website, check out their recipes.  Their Featured Recipe today is Cheesy Peasy, a simple and quick side dish, that can also be made into a main course by adding a protein like cubes of chicken.  My personally modified version of this for lower calories is to substitute half or all the heavy cream with a light marinara sauce.  Also, I like to use the regular or young frozen green peas instead of English Peas.

By they way, you can read on their website about the commendable efforts and involvement that 4C has in the community – children, schools, going green efforts, and more.


1 More Day for $0.80 Alexia Appetizers at Publix.

All Natural Alexia appetizers great buy for one more day at Publix.  It’s not too often that we can find really good coupon deals on all natural brand products.


Alexia appetizers BOGO, price $3.59 for 2 – BUT could be less than $0.80 each. See below.

  • Less than $1.30 each if you use one of the coupons below.
  • Less than $0.80 each if you use another.

You can print out a $1 off 1 item coupon for signing up with Alexia for specials.  If you know someone that wants to split the deal with you, they can sign up too and get another coupon, so you can use 2 on one BOGO deal.

I’m Talkin’ Real Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s & Starbucks

Oops.  Lost track of the day, which was spent clipping and organizing and reorganizing coupons.  Hence the late entry.

Like many, I am one of those calorie-conscious people that reads nutritional labels.  I recently began to notice that some popular brands of ice cream (not the two listed here), often have surprisingly low calories.  Their reduced calorie varieties, such as those called things like “lite”, “low fat”, “fat free”, etc. sometimes actually have just about the same calories as their regular ice creams.  What’s really interesting is that ounce for ounce, many of these popular brands have half the calories of some of my favorite brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks, and Haagen Daz.  Well folks, we are basically paying for air to take up the same space inside those “other” brands’ containers instead of real ice cream ingredients that densely fill containers of Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks, etc.

So, we get what we pay for (when we actually don’t get it free, that is).


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, pint. BOGO

  • Use 2 Q from RP 6/12/11, $1 off 1
  • Makes each pint approx. $1.75

Starbucks Ine Cream pints, BOGO

  • Makes each pint approx. $2.50


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, pint. BOGO

  • Use 2 Q from RP 6/12/11, $1 off 1
  • Makes each pint approx. $1.25

Starbucks Ine Cream pints, BOGO

  • Makes each pint approx. $2.50