Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

WooHoo.  I just had to share my excitement.  We didn’t compromise quality or quantity, and got lots and lots and lots of good food at a huge savings.

BILL   $165.82 groceries yesterday.

PAID  $80.27 + 1.02 tax

This shop included some high quality and pricey items:

Plenty of Fresh Fruit
Applegate Farms Organic Turkey
Organic Valley Milk
Silk Almond Milk
Whole Grain Breads
Boathouse Farms Juice
Tofutti (Almond  Bark flavor is Soooo Yummy)
Kashi Brand Healthy Entrees
Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum Ice Creams
Real Cheeses
75 oz Cascade
Etc., Etc., Etc.

We try to buy organics, healthy alternatives, fresh produce, fancy fresher juices, etc. whenever possible.  So, our grocery bill could be lowered substantially if we were more flexible on items.  I had fun combining manufacturer coupons, store coupons, special coupons, online and printable coupons, BOGOs, etc.

Not bad for a newbie.


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