Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

it seems like every time I go there, I have a feel-bad experience vs. @Walgreens, I have either a neutral or a feel-good experience.  Seems like the cupboards are always bare when it comes to their specials, ads are deceptive or often different from what store says, staff always seems stressed out, the interior design and colors are gloomy, cheap and often “underwhelmingly” stocked.  So because the prices are outrageously high in our South Florida CVS’s, many of the items don’t match up with the average dollar amounts used in various blogs that do the matchups for us.  Therefore, deals are not always possible because of MIA stock and-or outrages local pricing.  Then it ruins, domino-effect style, other deals.  Waste of time – all the planning – kaput.


But I’m a trooper and I keep going to back to various CVS stores because, on paper, the CVS deals-that-may-never-be, are too enticing to not try -and- I don’t totally hate the place.



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