Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

Over 60% Combined Savings So Far This Week at Publix & Walgreens
53.8% Saved at Publix Today
Total Cash Savings Today = $84.75
Total Savings 6/3 Walgreens = $21.89

So Far This Week:

Total Cash Paid $74.35          F  or $189.99 Products
Total Saved =$ 106 .64
Total Retail Value:  $157.78     
Total Cash Paid:  $73.03               
Coupons, sales, and BOGOs:  $84.75 
Some of the stacking deals use the Advantage flyers, so they will still be in effect until the flyers expire in the middle of July.  I will post the ones I did today on the “Coupon Stacking Scenarios” page tomorrow,  view here).
No scrimping:  plenty of organic groceries (by Muir Glen, Newman’s Own, and Greenwise), fresh produce, 100% fruit juice; decadent chocolate covered frozen bananas, other dairy, things from the Health/Personal Care aisles, deli turkey (no preservatives, nitrate-free), snacks, main course items, paper products, etc.)

This week’s average savings (Publix and Walgreens) is 76.4%.  My Walgreens trip Coupon Stacking Scenarios can be viewed here.  We were able to stock up on a few items this week too.
Happy Shopping, Happy Saving to Everyone.
P.S.  The week isn’t over yet.  I see some 100% off Shick razors in my near future to end the week.  If I get 2 packs at Target, that’ll change my final numbers to 88.2% if that’s all I buy over the next few days.

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