Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

When:  Yesterday, 7-12-11

Transaction 1

  • Purchased:
    • 1 Glide Floss, big package, $2
  • Used
    • No Coupons, No Walgreen’s Register Rewards
  • Paid $2, but Net Paid is $0,
    • Because I received $2 Walgreen’s Register Rewards (Walgreen’s ‘store money’) at check-out.

Transaction 2

  • Purchased:
    • 5 Crest Toothpaste – Cavity Protection, regular size 4.0z $1 each, sale price
    • 2 Disposable Razors – Noxema Triple Blade $4.99 each, but also BOGO
    • 3 Sun-Maid Raisin tubs, 16 oz, $3.29
    • 1 Glide Floss, big package, $2Used:
  • Used:
    • 5 of Crest 75¢ off 1 tube 4.0z and over
    • 2 of Noxema Razor $2 off 1 pack
    • 3x Sun-Maid Raisins@special price $1.99 each Walgreen’s coupon from weekly ad
  • Net Paid:  $0.00 – Nothing – Zip – Nada (except tax, of course).  But not without a bit of a hassle, but only for me.
    • Because – ! LEARNING POINT !  It would have been better had I not purchased the 2nd Glide as part of Transaction #2, because of Walgreen’s policy that they do not give you the advertised Register Rewards if you are using previously received Register Rewards to pay for the transaction.  So the bill originally came to $1.21 (w/o tax) – which would have been fine if the new $2 Register Reward would have printed.  Then I would be totally ahead by 79¢ and paid $0.00 for everything because the $2 I paid to start would have been made even by $2 RR’s.  So I plan to return the Glide next time and get my $2 back.  Once I get them back, then I will have paid zero for all of this because I will surely use it another time.  Incidentally – $5 of the RR’s I applied as payment came from a promo a few weeks ago where they just swiped my card and gave me $5 RR’s that are NOT a manufacturer’s coupon, so it could be used in any combination of coupons.

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