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Makes Nice Gift Basket For Art Student
Available all day today, Thursday, July 14, 2011
Artist Loft brand art supplies from Michael’s Store are an excellent value for the money – even when they are not on sale.  Today they are just $2.50 each.
Artist Loft makes boxed sets of
  • acrylic paint
  • watercolor paint
  • oil paint
  • colored pencils
  • sketch pads
  • paint pads
  • paintbrush sets
  • artist accessories
No coupons necessary to get this deal today.  No limits, as far as I can tell.  See photo and details at Michael’s.
For printable coupons, visit our sister site.

Comments on: "Art Supplies – One Day Great Deal at Michael’s – No Coupons Needed" (3)

  1. Absolutely the WORST supplies I’ve every run across. Everything falls apart. Total waste of money.

    I’m a professional fine artist who has also been teaching for well over 25 years. I always encourage my students to purchase the best supplies that they can afford. Even a great artists cannot create decent work with poor quality supplies — and Artist’s Loft are appallingly bad.

    This last year, my beginning students began showing up with Artist’s Loft brand of supplies. Now as soon as I see them with these, I tell them to return the product and I let them use my supplies.

    The brushes are limp, lose hair with every brush stroke and fill the cleaning medium (water or thinner) with hair. (think of a shedding cat)

    The kneaded erasers crumble to pieces (a good kneaded eraser becomes more pliable with stretching).

    Their stretched canvases are loose and droopy and cannot be salvaged. I haven’t had anyone show up with paint yet, but I’m sure to see it because everyone wants to save money.

    A beginner will fail miserably with these supplies and not knowing the difference, will blame themselves (rather than the supplies), give up painting because they believe that it is they who cannot learn!

    Give yourself the advantage of having decent supplies. There are plenty of good, quality student grade suppliers that are worth your hard earned money.

    Michael’s, is shooting themselves in the foot!

  2. James L. said:

    I recommend my budget-minded students buy these when they are on sale because they are good if you want to spend $25 to get a pretty well rounded kit together with 10 different things to choose including all kinds and colors of paints to experiment with. I think it is better to have all the things you need and then innovate and students don’t feel left out because they couldn’t afford to get all that they need. You can’t innovate a painting if you can’t afford to buy any paint. It is a great way for learners to rely on their creativity and ingenuity. That would be just too easy. Over the years I have seen and tried some of the cheaper paints from Jerry’s Artarama and the web and some have bombed because colors get muddy and gritty and don’t mix well. Not the same case with these.

    Great artists are not made by great art supplies. Just get your hands on supplies and start making art. That is what it takes to become a great artist.

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