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Here is why it pays to check your Swag Bucks message box.  Today I found a 9-day old message from Team Swag Bucks called “Tag your green innovation and earn 27 Swag Bucks!”  Clicked, entered a few quick bits of information, including a line with my green idea, and made 27 Swag Bucks in 2 minutes.

  • Add to that the daily poll for 1 Swag Buck, took about 5 seconds.
  • Add to that 2 Swag Bucks given for looking at the NOSO (no obligation special offers).  I looked, none interested me, so skipped past all of them and got my 2 Swag Bucks.

3 minutes later I had 30 more Swag Bucks than when I started.

Go Get Your Swag Bucks, Totally Free.


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