Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

Highlights of Publix Shopping Trip Today – Florida


Some Cheap-O

  • 15¢ ea  6 Soft Scrubs, full size bottles, assorted (BOGO plus MFR coupons)

  • -0- ea   6 McCormick Grill Mates bottles of spices/herbs (BOGO plus MFR coupons)

  • -0- ea   2 Sundown Papaya Enzyme Supplements (Store coupon plus MFR coupons)

  • 25¢ ea  6 Voskos Greek Yogurts (MFR coupons)

  • 99¢ ea  1 Sundown Vit. D3 – Sublingual Liquid  (Store coupon plus MFR coupons)

  • 99¢ ea  1 Sundown Vit. B Complex – Sublingual Liquid (Store coupon plus MFR coupons)

  • 54¢ ea  2 Cascadian Farms Organic Vegetable bags (Store coupon plus MFR coupons)

Except for the Sundown and Cascadian Farms deals, the others will expire today when the prices change at midnight for the new Thursday flyer (in Florida).   The Sundown and Cascadian Farms are deals from current Yellow and Green Advantage flyers and will still be valid.  

View Coupon Matchups For These Items



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