Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

A Whole Lot of Merchandise for 64% Less Than Sale Prices
and You Will Have $7 RRs Left Over

2 Simple Transactions
The P&G Deal — Get $10 RR When You Buy $30 of Specified Items.

Wish me luck in finding the items I need to make my plan work.  I usually don’t care to have RR’s that are more than $3 each.  A $10 RR is often challenging for me to use efficiently for rolling the RRs.  But since it is a rarity for me to find any decent “stock-up” prices on Charmin T.P., I decided I would fork over more cash in one transaction than I usually would at Walgreen’s (or CVS, for that matter).  Doing so adds a few tubes of good toothpaste, 4 Charmins, 4 Cascades and more to my reserves.

See The 2-Transactions with Coupon Match-ups and Register Rewards Here.


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