Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

Slashed More Than Half of Grocery Bill

56% Off Lots of Good & Healthy Stuff (well there’s 1 M & C)

We are pretty well stocked up at home this week, so this was a smaller shopping trip with the real purpose of picking up roast beef and turkey for deli sandwiches.

  • 4 Chock Full of Nuts coffee 
  • 1 Odwalla Superfood Juice, 64 oz
  • 2 Kashi TLC Pita Chips
  • Head lettuce
  • Bag of grapes, 2+ pounds
  • Bunch of bananas, just under 2 pounds
  • 1 Stouffer’s Healthy Harvest family size entree 
  • 2 Voskos Greek yogurt $1.00
  • Boar’s Head Top Round roast beef, 1/2+ pound
  • 1 Hormel Naturals – Nitrate-Free Smoked Turkey
  • 1 Sundown vitamins – A
  • 1 Sundown vitamins – D3 

Total Value =  67.89

Total Paid = 30.13

Total Saved $37.76  =  56%

Coupons Used —  View Here

Save 75%
Could I have done better?  Of course.  Had I shopped more like the extreme coupon users seen on TV, I would not have bought the fresher items like lettuce, grapes, bananas, roast beef, turkey and Odwalla.  That would have made my total savings 75% (11.37 paid, 44.77 value, 33.40 saved).  But, alas, man & woman cannot live on free Sundown Vitamins alone.


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