Free & Nearly Free Stuff – With & Without Coupons

Extreme Savings – No Shelf Clearing – Far From It

I went mini-stockpiling yesterdy at Publix and did quite well, me thinks (and we don’t even have double coupons in Florida).

These are the items for pantry:

  • 4 Kashi TLC Pita Crisps, $1 each (already had 2 at home)
  • 8 Fiber One Cereal, variety, 12.5 cents each (already had 4 other cereals at home)
  • 6 Frozen Gardens Litse vegetable souffle, variety, $1 each
  • 1 Stouffer’s Healthy Harvest Mac & Cheese, family size, 92 cents each (had several at home)
  • 10 Ragu Pasta Sauce, 1.03 each (had 5 jars at home – other brands)
  • 5 Mueller’s pasta, variety, All Free
  • 6 Snackwell’s snacks, cookies, popcorn, variety 84.5 cents each

ALL For $15.02

Plus, while picking up a prescrip at Publix, I bought:

  • 12 Sundown Vitamins, 120+ ea bottle, variety, $1.75 each

ALL FOR $21.38

I bought a bunch of other goodies that get used up quickly like organics, juices, produce dairy, deli, bakery, etc.  Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to safely and efficiently stockpile those items so that they are still tasty later.

All in all, the merchandise’s value is $267.30 and I paid $90.01 = 66% savings

Lots of yummy stuff.  Mmmmmmmmm.

Share your stockpiling and your extreme savings with us here.  I’m happy to share any details about the coupons used here in this mini extreme couponing adventure.




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