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MUST HAVE: BPA-free Foldable Water Bottles $4 – Yes! BPA-free – by Vapur

2 Bottles for $8
Shipping Just $2
No Need to Carry Around Empty Bulky Refillable Bottles
 16 oz. capacity (actually 0.5 liter) 
Clip it on (clip included)
Stands up when filled
Super lightweight

Big savings.  These sell for $9.99 per bottle at many retailers.  I just checked.  So this is a great deal for now or to put away for later as a gift or reward.

Here’s what they have to say about  Read More


Earth Day Events Around The U.S.A.

Find Your Region On The Map

Locate Events

Thank you to the EPA for putting together this list of Earth Day 2012 Events.

EARTH FARE MARKET: 20% Off Bulk Foods – Honor Our Earth

Earth Day Savings Offer
Earth Fare Healthy Supermarkets
4/18/12 – 4/22/12

20% Off Bulk Food
(less packaging = less waste)

PLU 80092

Well, well, well – How Convenient !  
Earth Fare makes it simple to get the discount.  You decide if you want to (a) print the coupon, (b) show it on your mobile device, or (c) simply provide the PLU #80092 to the cashier.  I received my coupon by email, and so can you.  Visit Earth Fare and sign up.  You can find a nice selection of organic and natural foods at Earth Fare.

(oops – I originally had the wrong title on this post, but updated it right away.)


FREE: One Pound *Organic* Pears With A $5 Purchase

4/11 to 4/15/12
Earth Fare Healthy Supermarkets

The friendly folks at Earth Fare markets have sent another GREAT DEAL coupon by email to folks that have signed up at their site.  So go grab a printable coupon if this deal grabs you.


GIFTS FOR PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING: 99.9% Guaranteed They Won’t Have This

Unique – Useful – Conversation Starter
$10.95 – Saves You 68%

Soapstone Thermal Rocks – 30 Minutes of Cold or Hot
Chill A Drink Without Watering It Down
Or Keep It Warm
Wine – Whisky – Soft Drinks – Coffee/Tea 

These eco-friendly set of reusable stones is a one-of-a-kind gift that works for anyone that consumes beverages.  Just toss them in the freezer or heat


Old Orchard Juices – $4 Worth of Printable Coupons – Cherry, Cranberry, Apple, More

Old Orchard Juices
$4 Worth Of Coupons To Print
Cherry – Cranberry – Apple – Fruit Flavors

FREE: Dozen Eggs – Cage Free, WIth A $5 Earth Fare Purchase

Earth Fare Healthy Supermarket has another great Freebie.  Simply login and print your coupon.  Then make a $5 purchase and the free eggs are yours.  They are cage-free eggs in your choice of white or brown.

Valid 3/28 to 4/1/12