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Repost a Blog Article in WordPress

  • Go to the WordPress article you want to repost and click the title.
  • Look up at the very top of your window, when you find “Like” click it and select “Reblog This Post”.  
  • Fill in the blanks and it will be reposted.
  • You cannot schedule the repost date for a future time.


BPA = Bisphenol-A

Bisphenol-A, commonly called BPA, is found in the majority of canned goods that we find on supermarket shelves, including soda cans.  It is also found in the coating on carbonless paper, like the type you see when you get a credit card receipt and there is a copy behind the original, or when you fill out a form where you press hard to go through multiple layers without carbon sheets.  It turns up in a number of other products as well.

All consumers should inform themselves on what is being said about BPA by the scientific community, governments, food manufacturers and canners.  There is certainly controversy and debate when it comes to claims about known and potential health hazards to humans vs. claims that BPA is not harmful to humans.

I am purposely not providing any links so that you can find your own and decide for yourself.  Since this issue’s merits rest on the scientific data, I would recommend that you include the word ‘University’ or ‘Medical Center’ in your search for BPA or Bispehenol-A.  That way you will find the most reliable articles.  If you want scientific articles, try going to and search there.

If you ask for links via comments or email, I will provide them.



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