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FREE: $2 in MP3s from Amazon with Code

Amazon Code =  MOMROCKS

Expires 4/22/12

  • Login to Amazon HERE.
  • Click on Enter Your Code
  • Enter Code MOMROCKS
  • Click Apply
  • You should now see the $2 Credit in your account.
  • Use it now or by 11:59 pm (PST) on 4/22/12

You can download your FREE MP3s right away or leave them in Amazon’s Cloud until you are ready to grab them.  But you must use the $2 credit by 4/22/12 so that you won’t lose it.

I saw this great deal posted on



FREE: For Kids – MP3 Downloads

Very Free on Amazon


Amazon has at least a half dozen free dowload in it’s Children’s Music section.  When you view them you’ll see that the price noted is $0.00.  You just proceed as though you are buying them and you’ll just keep seeing zeros where the costs would show up.  Enjoy them HERE.


Super Cheap: Charmin MEGA @ 27 Cents a Roll

What’s the catch.  Not much, except you have to buy a total of 6 packages containing 4 rolls each.  It’s all online and gets delivered right to you for just $1.08 per 4-Pack of Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls.

Interested?  You’ll find all the details here at our sister site.

Go Get It.

FREE Android App $2 App Credit from Amazon

How?  It’s Simple.

Follow Amazon on Twitter / Connect With Twitter

 Check It Out Here.

Expiration?  Don’t know.  Couldn’t find the info on the Amazon page.  So go for it now if you are interested in this freebie.

Just Wondering: Are You Mad at Ads?

You know those ads you see when you log in to Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, Swagbucks, and so many other sites?  You probably know that they are targeted specifically to you.  The ads are often matched up with your previous shopping and search patterns, preferences, etc.

I’m just wondering how you feel about it?  Are the targeted ads working for you?

Frankly, I find them more than annoying because they don’t know when to stop.  For example, I was recently searching for a business projector (the type that gets attached to a laptop for presentations).  Well, I bought one rather quickly.  However, the ads keep coming.  How many days or weeks do I have to look at ads for something I no longer need.  I don’t need to constantly be reminded that I could have bought one of many others.  I bought it.  I’m over it now.

Too bad there isn’t a way to call off the advertising dogs and fill out a form to let the cyber ad people know that I’m done shopping for the projector.  After all, it is in their best interest too.  Right?  That way they can on with their business and try to sell other things to me – things that I didn’t just buy and may or may not want – things that I likely don’t need.  Then I can get on with being a consumer.

What do you think?