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FINALLY BOGO: Heaven On A Stick – Frozen Diana’s Banana Babies – Find Your Store


Diana’s Banana Babies are one of my favorite frozen treats of all time.  They are just the right size, perfectly ripened to a smooth sweetness, and covered in a nice thick coat of either dark chocolate or milk chocolate.    What could be better! 

I stock up when Publix Florida has them on a Buy One Get One Free sale.  They never have  Read More



PUBLIX: 39 Meals – 47 Snacks – 16 Cups Milk & Juice – More – $59.33

(ending 4/18/12 in Florida)
Publix did not accept Winn-Dixie $5 off $30 coupons toward the two $50 gas cards because I had the two Publix $10 off coupons from current ad. There were lots of posts and comments here and there about how Publix accepted both coupons stacked, but my Publix said it would be too many “store” coupons per their policy.  I knew that and was fine with it, but thought I’d ask anyway.

Groceries Purchased
1 Odwalla organic carrot juice, 1/2 gal.
1 Simply OJ, large

1 Romaine lettuce hearts, 3 ct.1 Organic milk, 1 gal

2 Kraft Milkbites, 5 ct.
1 Kraft large size Swiss cheese slices
2 Kraft Fresh Taste cheese mixes
1 turkey cobb salad from deli, just made (enough four 2 meals)

1 fountain drink, 32 oz
1 Boar’s Head deli turkey, 4+ oz.
1 Hormel Natural deli turkey, 8 oz.
2 Mrs. Paul’s Parchment Tilapia, 2 ct.
2 Birdseye steam veg, 4 servings per bag
2 Birdseye Voila, 3 servings per bag
6 Red Baron Pizza, full size
1 Lenders bagels, NY Style
2 chocolate bunnies, hollow, med.
2 Mazaretti salad dressing, refrigerated (and one didn’t 777777777777777
1 Sunmaid raisins, largest
1 Badia garlic powder, largest
1 Organic Publix black beans, can
1 La Tortilla, large
4 Snackwell snack bars
$150.54 Value
$59.33 spent out of pocket
$91.21 saved, over 60%
Now lets see how many meals I expect to get from my $59.33 expenditure.  We don’t eat much meat or poultry 
39 Meals
4 parchment tilapa w/steamed veggies
18 pizza and simple salad
4 deli wraps – turkey or chicken, cheese, lettuce, (slices of onion from pantry)
5 bagels for breakfast (butter, spread or jam from fridge)
2 Cobb salad
6 Voila by Birdseye
47 Snack and Treats
20 Snackwell bars*
10 Milkbites*
14 servings raisins
1 bagel
2 chocolate bunnies
*The bars can also be a quick breakfast along with a glass of OJ or fresh fruit
Remainder for fridge and pantry
8 cups organic juice
8 cups organic milk
and a few more things
Gas Cards Purchased
2 Shell gas cards, $50 ea
I used printable and clipped coupons, plus three of the $5 off from the Enjoy the City book.  I also forgot to give cashier two coupons totaling $1.25.  Next time…

BOGO Breakfast – FREE Breakfast at Bob Evans When You Buy A Breakfast

Valid March 24 – April 7, 2012
(not applicable on Sundays &Tuesday Family Nights)


Interestingly, this coupon does not say that only one BOGO FREE breakfast deal maybe be had per coupon.  This leads me to believe that you can get multiple FREE breakfasts at one table using just one coupon.  Also, the coupon has a typo in it that says “may only be printed and used on time”.  I’m assuming it should say “one time”.  However, if they stick to what it says, then you should be able to print and use more than once as long as you do so “on time”.  So take a minute and call a Bob Evans restaurant if you would like clarification before going.  Coupon applies to dine-in meals only.


$1.00 Off Salad at Publix & Winn-Dixie

Most Publix stores in S.E.  Florida accept Winn-Dixie coupons as a competitor.  Print one or two of these and get a nice price.  These Dole Salad bags are often on sale or BOGO at Publix.  You should be able to get a great deal if you can pair two of these with a sale like that.

Ready, Set, Print HERE


ALDI’S Newbie — Liberating!!

I’ve been a die-hard Publix shopper for a while now, with a very occasional Target trip.  I’ve nearly mastered the most efficient methods for saving an average of 70% savings.  And I’m very satisfied with that at this time.  But I was lured in to the nearly new Aldi’s by the weekly ad that started today.  How could I resist 89¢ per pound for split boneless chicken breasts.  The fun began when we parked and found “free” shopping cart, already saving me 25¢ before I walked in the door.  I felt like I was in a cartoon, as I looked at every product on the deep shelves filled with boxes of neatly packed boxes and bags of popular items with packaging and names that often sound like and look like the “name” brand, but are being offerred at a deep discount, also known as Aldi’s everday low prices.

I spent $30.06 and feel like I got a great bang for my buck.  At first I had an unusual, sort of creepy feeling like I was missing some obvious deal to be made by stacking coupons and BOGOs.  It was becuse my brain was not in BOGO-coupon-stacking mode as it usually is in Publix.  It was absolutely a liberating shopping experience to shop with nothing but cash in my pocket.  During this trip, I did not miss my aisle by aisle list from Publix’s website, nor my coupon organizer filled with coupons harvested from blinkie machines, magazines, peelies, mail requests, displays, booklets, packaging, and of course Sunday newspaper inserts.  The only disappointment was that there were no more 89¢ boneless chicken breasts, as they they were all gone within two hours of opening the store.  Obviously they don’t receive enough.  I spoke to one of the staff and she explained that each store gets an amount determined by management outside the store.

For $30.08, I bought:
3 lb boneless chicken breast, frozen, 5.99
16″ deli pizza, (this is very large) 4.99
1 giant pineapple 1.39
2 lb pears 1.19
2 lb green grapes 1.79
3 lb onions .99
32 oz Lite & Fit nonfat plain yogurt 1.99

1 garlic lovers hummus 1.69

1 bag shrimp lo mein, frozen (serves 4) 3.99
12″ frozen cheese pizza .99
12″ frozen combo pizza 1.99
1 raisins 1.79
1 sweet pickle relish 1.29

I count about 24 lunches or dinners, plus snacks out of this shop.  I’ll just need to supplement the chicken, lo mein and pizzas with a salad or some freebie Birdseye veggies alrady stockpiled at home.  I defiitely would have done better at Publix mostly because I have a Winn-Dixie coupon for $5 off $30.  Beyond that, I probably could have save a couple of dollars on the lo mein.  We ate the $1.99 pizza with some homemade roasted veggies for dinner tonight.   It was full of flavor, had a perfectly crispy crust and a nice covering of gooey melted cheeze.  So dinner tonight cost 1.99 (as I got the veggies for free last month in Publix during the great Birdseye deal where some turned in to moneymakers.

If you haven’t been to Aldi’s, which is part of a successful international supermarket company with stores throughout the world,  I would recommend giving it a try if for nothing other than the incredible produce prices that Publix doesn’t come close to.  You’ll also get to witness the incredibly thoughtful and respectful way that the cashiers are provided with cushioned seats with backs so they can remain comfortable and off their feet throught much of their work day.  I applaud that practice.

Happy Shopping

FREE: Get a Free Nutter Butter Shake at Steak ‘n Shake When You Buy One

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A Milkshake BOGO Coupon

Free Nutter Butter.  Yummmmmmm.

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BOGO Smoothie at Orange Julius. Print your coupon.

Simply sign up at the Orange Julius site and receive a printable Buy One Get One coupon.  Then you’ll receive emails about new offers as they come out.