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PUBLIX: $14.82 for 20 Meals + Vitamins + Lots of Chocolate Treats

Extreme Savings For A Small Shopping Trip
We didn’t need much of anything from the supermarket this week.  The only thing I really wanted to grab while on sale was the new product by Silk – Fruit & Protein beverage.  I enjoy trying new “healthy” products, especially when I have awesome coupons.
  • 1 Odwalla Organic Carrot Juice, half-gallon (sale $5)
  • 8 Vitalicious Egg White/Low Fat Cheese/Whole Grain Breakfast Sandwiches, 2 ct. (clearance $1 ea)
  • 2 Silk  Protein & Fruit Smoothie Beverages, 1 qt, (sale $2 ea)
  • 2 Sundown Vitamin D ($3.29 ea)
  • 2 Hershey Mini Chocolates, 15+ oz ea (clearance, Easter candy $3 ea)
  • 1 Russell Stover Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs (clearance, Easter candy $0.25 ea)
  • 4 Russell Stover Chocolate Covered Coconut Eggs (clearance, Easter candy $0.25 ea)
  • 1 $5 off $30 Purchase, Winn-Dixie coupon from Enjoy The City booklet
  • 1 $5 off 2 Sundown Vitamins, Publix Green Advantage Flyer
  • 1 $1 off Any Dairy Item (Publix Baby Club coupon)
  • 2 $1 off 1 Sundown, peelies
  • 2 $1.50 off 1 Silk Product, any size (printed)
TOTAL VALUE:  $71.97*
TOTAL COST:  $14.82
TOTAL SAVED:  $57.15*, or 80%
20 Meals: 
  • 16 Breakfast Sandwiches + 4 oz organic carrot juice
  • 4 Protein & Fruit Beverages (Each container has 32 oz, but I’m counting 16 oz as one meal replacement for a lunch or a light dinner @ about 300 calories and about 10 grams of protein – I’m doing this part from memory.)

*NOTE:  Total Value and Total Saved per receipt are quite wrong, because they don’t take in to account the clearance items.  They rung up so that they don’t show as sale items with a “you saved” amount listed.  So I recalculated using the regular prices for the clearance items to more accurately reflect the Total Value and Total Saved.  Vitalicious sandwiches reg. $4.49 ea.  Hershey’s reg. $5.99 ea.  Easter eggs reg. $1 ea. 


PUBLIX: Stork Delivery – Newst Baby Club Coupons – $1 Off Produce & More


New Baby Club Coupons
Expire June 18, 2012

I think it is admirable that Publix is considerate enough to include non-baby items in the periodic coupon mailings they do to members of the FREE Baby Club. It shows that some thought went into process of choosing products that may be necessary, but not typically thought of when making a shopping list for things that are needed with a baby in the house.

For example, in the envelope that arrived today were the following Publix store coupons:

$1 Off Any Dairy Item
$1 Off Any Fresh Meat Item
$1 Off Any Produce Item
$1 Off Shout Laundry Product 8.7-60 oz
$1 Off Two Ziploc Containers, 2 – 6 ct.
BOGO Publix Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon 35 ct.
BOGO Publix Wipes Refill, Unscented or Scented 72 ct.

Naturally there are baby-specific coupons too. To join the Publix Baby Club, visit

$1 Off Stonyfield Farm Organic YoBaby Yogurt
$5 Off Publix Diapers, Big Box


Publix: Weekly Ad Holiday Dates – Easter Reminder

Just a reminder to Publix shoppers that there will not be a new weekly ad starting today.  In Florida, the Publix weekly ads start on Thursdays and run through Wednesday.  However, Publix is on an Holiday schedule this week for Easter.


  • Current weekly ad runs through 4/7/12
  • Publix Closed for Easter Holiday 4/8/12
  • New weekly ad starts Monday, 4/9/12

GOLF: Play in Palm Beach, Florida – At The Ocean – Just $17.50 Including Golf Cart

Even if you don’t play golf, this is a beautiful place to spend a morning or afternoon.  Get in the golf cart provided with your deal and drive around this unique and beautiful Palm Beach oceanside golf course.

Just $35 For Two to Play Golf & Ride in a Cart

Get the Details Here


99 Cents — Souffer’s Family Size Entrees — At Publix — Save 87%

March 1 – March 7, 2012
Pay Just 99¢ for Big Stouffer’s Entrees at Publix Florida
It’s All About Stacking
 Sale + Store Coupon + Manufacturer’s Coupon

Stouffer’s Family Size entrees will be on sale for $3.99 (limit 4).

Use 1 Manufacturer’s Coupon
$2.00 Off Coupon from Red Plum insert of 1/29/12
or  print a $2 Coupon from Stouffer’s Facebook site, here.
Use 1 Store Coupon
$1.00 Off Coupon from Publix Simply Delicious Inspirations

Final Price = 99 Cents Each
(these are usually about $7 – $8 each — now that’s EXTREME SAVINGS to the tune of 87.5% Savings)

Don’t forget to finish stocking up on the Viva Italia Sale items in the current weekly ad, ending 2/29/12.


FLORIDA: Unbelievable Disney Orlando Deal – Use By January 31, 2013

Two People or A Family of 4 (add more option too)


$199 for $512 Package


It’s Crazy… I Know
$199 Gets You 3 Nights Nice Hotel
2 Passes to Any Disney Park
Daily Breakfast


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You can buy this to use yourself, or give it as a gift. 
Have Fun!!

PUBLIX: 81¢ for Tai Pei Entrees – Through 11-11-11 – Extra 90¢ Off – Extreme Savings


Save 71% – Extreme Savings
$4.86 for 6 Tai Pei Entree’s at Publix – Florida
Deal Ends 11-11-11

Today I picked up as part of my short & sweet visit to Publix 6 Tai Pei Asian entrees from the freezer section.  It wasn’t until I was reviewing my register receipt at home that I noticed that the Publix coupon was deducting more than I expected.

  • Bought 6 Tai Pei frozen entrees at $2.79 each, regular price = $16.74
  • Used 6 Manufacturer coupons for $0.75 each from SS 10/2/11 = subtract $4.50
  • Used 2 Publix yellow advantage flyer coupons for Tai Pei, Buy 2 Get 1 Free = subtract $5.58

But here’s the BONUS SAVINGS.  The Publix yellow advantage flyer coupons subtracted $3.69 each instead of $2.79, which is the actual cost of the items.  So that’s like having a bonus (or third) coupon for 90¢ off 3 Tai Pei entrees.

 Final Price = 81¢ Each