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“Congratulations! You’ve Won 19 Swag Bucks” … Music To My Ears

Ca-Ching Ca-Ching.
I See Another FREE $5 Amazon Gift Card in My Future By The End of Today.

Good Morning and Happy Mega Bucks Friday.  First time I searched for something today I was rewarded with 19 Swag Bucks.  I searched for “Apple and….  Read More Here

Try It.  You’ll Like It.  Free Stuff.  No Strings Attached.
Details about Swag Bucks?  Check Out Our Sister-Site’s Post, HERE.  


30 FREE Amazon Gift Cards in A Year – With Very Little Effort -and- Zero Money From Me!

Meet The Swag Guy.

He says “Happy Friday”

Today isMega Bucks Day at Swag Bucks.  For merely doing my internet searches on SwagBucks, I painlessly racked up enough points for 8 FREE $5 gift cards in just a few of months.

Yeah, yeah…. you may be skeptical, or maybe you’re thinking what I did — oh, not another one of those sites that makes me…    Read More at our Sister Site, here.



CVS: $3 Off, $2 Off, $1 OFF – New Printable Coupons & Deals

Hey!  I just received a deal-packed email from  CVS.

This one will print out the Magic Machine in the store.

This is a printable coupon.  Click to print.

This is a printable coupon.  Click to print.

This is an ExtraCare Buck Deal for “in-store” only.

If they will let me, I plan to combine the $3 off $10 cosmetic purchase  with a CVS $5 off $25 from another CVS email -and- a bunch of manufacturer’s coupons and maybe some more CVS store coupons for what will hopefully fill my bag with a bunch of free stuff.  If you are interested in receiving coupons like the two I just mentioned, then head over to CVS’s website and register your CVS ExtraCare card.



Finally, 30 New Points at Recyclebank (= Great Kashi Deal at Publix))

Where do I get all my Kashi $2 off 1 coupons?  That’s where.

Worthwhile info about greening up your life and our planet is what you will find at this fun site. has figured out how to get the word out by rewarding you for logging in and checking out their very brief interactive learning experiences.  It takes only seconds to get points.  Decide for yourself.  Get the kids involved.  Use points for all sorts of free stuff.  No money or credit card required, ever.

The Kashi Deal at Publix:

  • Grab some free points at and redeem for the two of the $2 Kashi coupon (just search Kashi when looking at all the gifts).
  • Get a Publix store coupon from the current Yellow Advantage flyer for $1.50 off 2 Kashi entrees or waffles 9 – 10.1 ounce.  That’ll save you $2.75 off each.


FREE Gift Cards – DVDs – Games – Books – T-Shirts – Baby Stuff – More

I Love SwagBucks
I’m Getting a Free Convection Toaster Oven With Mine.
Why Would Anyone Say No?

All I do is search the internet using Swagbuck’s search box, and I earn FREE points.  No money from me.  For more details, read earlier post, here

Gift Card Sampling:

Many Other Free Items:

  • Magazines
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Apparel
  • Greeting Cards
  • eBooks & Books
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Games, video and board
  • School Supplies
  • Much Much More

Read My Post About SwagBucks

$10 CVS Gift Card – Today’s Special at Swagbucks – No Cost To Enter Drawing

Be In It – To Win It

Get yours, kind of raffle style – but you don’t ever have to pay any money for Swagbucks points. I get most of my totally free points just from searching the internet.  That’s too easy to pass up.

Just sign up and you’ll get at least 30 points on the spot.  It’s only 8 points to enter the $10 CVS Gift Card Drawing.

Here are the details about SwagBucks and the link to register 1-2-3.

Get Your