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… 68 Coupons Later – Saved $186 – Paid $14 – A Great Day at Publix

I Lo‚ô•e Extreme Savings

(Just Bragging A Little Here, ūüôā )

Yesterday was the last day of the FREE boxes of Fiber One cereals with 25¬Ę overage on each. ¬†So it was my second trip this week. ¬†I was actually planning on Publix paying me to shop, ¬†but some impulse shopping caused me to dig in to my wallet for a credit card (one that gives cash back for all purchases, of course). ¬†Had I not inspected ¬†the clearance rack at the front of the store, I would not have picked up a $4.50 bag of bird food (saving at least 50%). ¬†The rest of the $14 and change was spent on Boar’s Head products from the Publix Deli counter. ¬†It is very rare that I don’t impulse buy some items, but usually I can manage to find a coupon, or the item is a BOGO.

You only live once.

Coupons Used:

  • 4 Publix Starkist .50/1
  • 21 Publix General Mills cereal from weekly ad $2/1
  • 21 Mfr Fiber One cereal .75/1
  • 3 Publix Green Advanrage $5/2 for Phazyme & Sominex
  • 2 Mfr Phazyme $2/1
  • 2 Mfr Sominex¬†$2/1
  • 6 Mfr Phazyne $1/1
  • 2 Mfr Pillsbury Grande Bisquits $1/1
  • 1 Mfr Dreamfield’s Pasta .55/1
  • 1 Competitor: ¬†Target Dove chocolates $1.50/1
  • 2 Mfr Dove chocolates $1/1
  • 1 Mfr Hungry Man $1/1
  • 4 Competitor: ¬†Winn-Dixie $5/30

The rest of the savings was from BOGOs and other sales.  All in all, I am delighted that I am set with cereal for many months to come.  Our pantry already had a bunch of  Kashi cereals and oeatmeal stocked.  Now we have a nice variety.


  • 21 Fiber One cereal
  • 2 Freshetta pizza
  • Boar’s Head roast beef
  • Boar’s Head swiss cheese
  • Boar’s Head turkey
  • 1 Whole wheat tortillas
  • 1 Dreamfield’s pasta
  • 1 Busch’s Chili Starter
  • 2 Hungry Man
  • 2 Pillsbury Grand Bisquits
  • 4 Phazyme
  • 2 Sominex
  • 2 Taco Bell taco shells
  • 4 Starkist tuna pouches
  • 1 Parrot Food 4lb
  • 2 Dove chocolate bags
  • 1 Lactaid Milk 1/2 gal.

PUBLIX: SUPER EXTREME SAVINGS: Everything Free Today ($136.72) + $4.12 Overage / MoneyMaker

My strategy today was to drive up my total as high as I could today so that I would be able to use the $5 Off With $30 Purchase (Winn-Dixie Coupons from the Enjoy The City Books).  So I had to keep track of what was going in my cart and stop shopping as close to $30, $60, $90, or $120 (I had 4 coupons with me).  What made it so easy was the MoneyMakers still available from the Yellow Advantage Flyer (see my previous post for details).


TOTAL SAVED:  $136.72

Here’s what I bought:

1 Organic Romain Hearts
1 lb Organic Carrots
1 Organic Celery
2+ lb Red Seedless Grapes
1 Natural Toasted Sesame Seeds (by Sushi)
1 Full Size Turkey & Swiss Sub from Deli @$4.99
1 Giant Size Dried Badia Oregano
1 Friendship Cottage Cheese, pint, @2.49
8 Fiber One Raisin Clusters $2.50 ea
9 Mentos UP2U Gum @99¬Ę ea
2 Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Acidohilus @$6.99
3 Sundown Vitamin B6  @$3.59 ea
2 Sundown Vitamin A @$3.29 ea
1 Sundown Folic Acid @$3.79 ea
10 Gax-X (10 count) @$2.49 ea

Coupons Used:

Publix Coupons:
5 –¬† $5 off 2 Gas-X
8 –¬† $2 off 1 General Mills Cereals
3 –¬† $5 off 2 Sundown
2 –¬† $5 off 1 Nature’s Bounty

Competitor Coupons Used:
4 –¬† Winn-Dixie $5 Off When You Buy $30 Groceries (from Enjoy The City – Palm Beach book)


Manufacturer Coupons:
10 –¬† $1.50 off 1 Gas-X
4 –¬† $2 off 1 Sundown (120+ ct)
2 –¬† $1 off 1 Sundown
2 –¬† $1 off 1 Nature’s Bounty
1 –¬† 55¬Ę off Friendship cottage cheese
9 –¬† $1 off 1 UP2U Mentos gum

(Note:¬† there are $75 off 1 Fiber One Cereal coupons in the SmartSource 1/1/12 (per coupon bases).¬† My inserts did not include any Fiber One cereal coupons at all).¬† If I had them, each Fiber One would have been a 25¬Ę MoneyMaker).



If one of the ads seems interesting to you, please click and take a look.¬† We don’t do endorsements, so we collect our pennies from the ads.¬† We’re saving up for a hosting blog makeover and hosting service.¬†¬† Thanks Y’all.


FREE: Fiber One Cereal at Publix – Extreme Savings

I like to wait until the new and crisp inserts are in my hands to really pay attention to what coupons are now mine. ¬†The preview lists for Sunday inserts are great, but often not the same as what I get when the inserts arrive. ¬†For example, there were a couple of Ragu coupons from September that simply were not in any of the local papers’ inserts here. ¬†So I don’t spend too much time planning a shopping list around the preview list. ¬†However, I do get a general idea for a shopping game plan. ¬†For example, if the preview says there will be some Publix store coupons, I will start to look for any printables that may pair up – then I print them before they are gone. ¬†If the Publix coupons are not actually there, no big deal.

The Free Cereal Deal:

Free Fiber One Cereal – Coupon Match-Ups

SALE:  Fiber One, 2.50 per box this week at Publix.

  • $2/1 New Publix Store coupon 10/2/1 (use 2*)
  • $1/2 General Mills cereals (incl. Fiber One), SmartSource 9/25/11 insert or print at (use 1)

The Publix coupon is very timely as a replacement for the $2/1 Fiber One coupon that just expired on 9/20/11 along with the rest of the Yellow Advantage Flyer.  



*If you have only one of the Publix coupons, it is worthwhile to buy another newspaper for this coupon alone. ¬†The Sun-Sentinel is $1.25 from the sidewalk box here (I’ve seen $1.50 too). ¬†You can even pick up a paper at the supermarket to make it easier. ¬†Just make sure the coupon insert you want is in it before you pay for it. ¬†Bonus: ¬†you get a whole other set of coupons for BOGO deals.




Tons of Sunday Coupons: 5 Inserts This Week – Lots of B1G1 Coupons

There will be at 5 coupon inserts this Sunday.  You may want to invest in an extra newspaper or two this week.

  1. P&G
  2. Smart Source
  3. Red Plum
  4. General Mills
  5. Pepsi Co
You can find the full list of coupons at
Here are some favorites so far:
  • Dove hair care product B1G1
  • Boston Market free extra side with family meal
  • Boston market $4 off $20
  • Boston Market $2 off $10
  • Cover Girl $8/2 face products
  • Crest $1/1 toothpaste
  • Olay $3/1
  • Pure Protein bar, B1G1
  • Suave B1G1 (3 different B1G1 coupons)
  • Tampax B1G1
  • Tropicana or Trop 50 $1/1
  • Tresemme B1G1 hair styling
  • V8 $1/1




FREE $12 Movie Ticket – Kellogg’s

It’s even better, because you just input the codes from two specially marked boxes, then you print the ticket certificate. ¬†Last day for inputting codes is Aug. 31, 2011.

A quote from General Mills’ website for this offer:

“To receive your free movie ticket, enter two codes from any two specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal. Print your free movie ticket certificate and take it to a participating theater to receive one free movie admission!”

It looks like most theaters participate.

Don’t forget to use your Kellogg’s coupons when buying the cereal.

Coupons Save 4 U.  Visit Soon.

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