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EARTH FARE MARKET: 20% Off Bulk Foods – Honor Our Earth

Earth Day Savings Offer
Earth Fare Healthy Supermarkets
4/18/12 – 4/22/12

20% Off Bulk Food
(less packaging = less waste)

PLU 80092

Well, well, well – How Convenient !  
Earth Fare makes it simple to get the discount.  You decide if you want to (a) print the coupon, (b) show it on your mobile device, or (c) simply provide the PLU #80092 to the cashier.  I received my coupon by email, and so can you.  Visit Earth Fare and sign up.  You can find a nice selection of organic and natural foods at Earth Fare.

(oops – I originally had the wrong title on this post, but updated it right away.)



PUBLIX: 39 Meals – 47 Snacks – 16 Cups Milk & Juice – More – $59.33

(ending 4/18/12 in Florida)
Publix did not accept Winn-Dixie $5 off $30 coupons toward the two $50 gas cards because I had the two Publix $10 off coupons from current ad. There were lots of posts and comments here and there about how Publix accepted both coupons stacked, but my Publix said it would be too many “store” coupons per their policy.  I knew that and was fine with it, but thought I’d ask anyway.

Groceries Purchased
1 Odwalla organic carrot juice, 1/2 gal.
1 Simply OJ, large

1 Romaine lettuce hearts, 3 ct.1 Organic milk, 1 gal

2 Kraft Milkbites, 5 ct.
1 Kraft large size Swiss cheese slices
2 Kraft Fresh Taste cheese mixes
1 turkey cobb salad from deli, just made (enough four 2 meals)

1 fountain drink, 32 oz
1 Boar’s Head deli turkey, 4+ oz.
1 Hormel Natural deli turkey, 8 oz.
2 Mrs. Paul’s Parchment Tilapia, 2 ct.
2 Birdseye steam veg, 4 servings per bag
2 Birdseye Voila, 3 servings per bag
6 Red Baron Pizza, full size
1 Lenders bagels, NY Style
2 chocolate bunnies, hollow, med.
2 Mazaretti salad dressing, refrigerated (and one didn’t 777777777777777
1 Sunmaid raisins, largest
1 Badia garlic powder, largest
1 Organic Publix black beans, can
1 La Tortilla, large
4 Snackwell snack bars
$150.54 Value
$59.33 spent out of pocket
$91.21 saved, over 60%
Now lets see how many meals I expect to get from my $59.33 expenditure.  We don’t eat much meat or poultry 
39 Meals
4 parchment tilapa w/steamed veggies
18 pizza and simple salad
4 deli wraps – turkey or chicken, cheese, lettuce, (slices of onion from pantry)
5 bagels for breakfast (butter, spread or jam from fridge)
2 Cobb salad
6 Voila by Birdseye
47 Snack and Treats
20 Snackwell bars*
10 Milkbites*
14 servings raisins
1 bagel
2 chocolate bunnies
*The bars can also be a quick breakfast along with a glass of OJ or fresh fruit
Remainder for fridge and pantry
8 cups organic juice
8 cups organic milk
and a few more things
Gas Cards Purchased
2 Shell gas cards, $50 ea
I used printable and clipped coupons, plus three of the $5 off from the Enjoy the City book.  I also forgot to give cashier two coupons totaling $1.25.  Next time…

FREE: One Pound *Organic* Pears With A $5 Purchase

4/11 to 4/15/12
Earth Fare Healthy Supermarkets

The friendly folks at Earth Fare markets have sent another GREAT DEAL coupon by email to folks that have signed up at their site.  So go grab a printable coupon if this deal grabs you.


EARTH FARE MARKET: – Free 7 oz of Cheese with $10 Purchase In Store

St. Patrick’s Day is Around The Corner

Earth Fare Healthy Supermarkets
E-Coupon or Printable Coupon
3/14/12 – 3/18/12

Earth Fare Supermarkets is having another nice deal.  Get your FREE 7-oz. Kerrygold Dubliner, Blarney or Vintage Irish Parchment Cheddar cheese with a $10 purchase in the store.

Print Coupon or Show Coupon Image on Your Mobile Device


Organic & Natural Savings: Pacific Natural Foods – $1.50 Off and $1.00 Off Coupons

Pacific Natural Foods Coupons
Organic – Free Range – Natural

A variety of coupons that change from time to time.  The promotion coupon is for $1.50 off Pacific Natural Foods Soup Starter Pho Soup Base.
Login may be requested.

Organic & Natural Grocery Savings: Xlear, Zevia, Fig Food, Country Choice Organic, Earth Balance, Garden of Life

Nothing to register or sign up for.
Remain anonymous if you like.
Shop at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, or your favorite natural grocery store.
Save a little – Why dont’ya?
Extra $$ 4 U – Keep it – Donate it
Eat Healthy – Be Happy
Mambo Sprouts Free Printable & eCoupons Here

Organic Pizza – $2 off 1 – Print Your Supermarket Coupon

Yay.  Another organic pizza – this one by Annie’s Certified Organic.  How convenient.  So far they are available at Whole Foods.

Get Your $2 Coupon HERE at this Annie’s Facebook Page
(they are also having a contest to enter)