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THINGS TO KNOW: Where (& What) Are Swag Codes (aka FREE Amazon Gift Cards).


I know it is can be hard to believe that you can GET TOTALLY (100%) FREE AMAZON GIFT CARDS, but it is completely legitimate, well-known and too easy to pass on if you are all for saving and buying at a discount. 
I’ve accumulated a goodly number of free gift cards for absolutely no money or financial commitment of any sort from me — all thanks to Swag Bucks.  Basically, I do my internet searches online and spontaneously earn Swag Bucks, which I accumulate and turn in for gift cards (there are so many other items to choose – gift cards, electronics, jewelry, magazines, office supplies, edibles, music, and 

“Congratulations! You’ve Won 19 Swag Bucks” … Music To My Ears

Ca-Ching Ca-Ching.
I See Another FREE $5 Amazon Gift Card in My Future By The End of Today.

Good Morning and Happy Mega Bucks Friday.  First time I searched for something today I was rewarded with 19 Swag Bucks.  I searched for “Apple and….  Read More Here

Try It.  You’ll Like It.  Free Stuff.  No Strings Attached.
Details about Swag Bucks?  Check Out Our Sister-Site’s Post, HERE.  

30 FREE Amazon Gift Cards in A Year – With Very Little Effort -and- Zero Money From Me!

Meet The Swag Guy.

He says “Happy Friday”

Today isMega Bucks Day at Swag Bucks.  For merely doing my internet searches on SwagBucks, I painlessly racked up enough points for 8 FREE $5 gift cards in just a few of months.

Yeah, yeah…. you may be skeptical, or maybe you’re thinking what I did — oh, not another one of those sites that makes me…    Read More at our Sister Site, here.



Today: Mega Swag Bucks Day – Meaning, Free Gift Cards & More


Today Is


Find Out What It’s All About at Our Sister Blog, Here

Swag Bucks Code Good Til 5 pm PDT – 8 SwagBucks – Just Enter Code

I Just Got Mine

Get Yours –  Instructions Here