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PUBLIX: $14.82 for 20 Meals + Vitamins + Lots of Chocolate Treats

Extreme Savings For A Small Shopping Trip
We didn’t need much of anything from the supermarket this week.  The only thing I really wanted to grab while on sale was the new product by Silk – Fruit & Protein beverage.  I enjoy trying new “healthy” products, especially when I have awesome coupons.
  • 1 Odwalla Organic Carrot Juice, half-gallon (sale $5)
  • 8 Vitalicious Egg White/Low Fat Cheese/Whole Grain Breakfast Sandwiches, 2 ct. (clearance $1 ea)
  • 2 Silk  Protein & Fruit Smoothie Beverages, 1 qt, (sale $2 ea)
  • 2 Sundown Vitamin D ($3.29 ea)
  • 2 Hershey Mini Chocolates, 15+ oz ea (clearance, Easter candy $3 ea)
  • 1 Russell Stover Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs (clearance, Easter candy $0.25 ea)
  • 4 Russell Stover Chocolate Covered Coconut Eggs (clearance, Easter candy $0.25 ea)
  • 1 $5 off $30 Purchase, Winn-Dixie coupon from Enjoy The City booklet
  • 1 $5 off 2 Sundown Vitamins, Publix Green Advantage Flyer
  • 1 $1 off Any Dairy Item (Publix Baby Club coupon)
  • 2 $1 off 1 Sundown, peelies
  • 2 $1.50 off 1 Silk Product, any size (printed)
TOTAL VALUE:  $71.97*
TOTAL COST:  $14.82
TOTAL SAVED:  $57.15*, or 80%
20 Meals: 
  • 16 Breakfast Sandwiches + 4 oz organic carrot juice
  • 4 Protein & Fruit Beverages (Each container has 32 oz, but I’m counting 16 oz as one meal replacement for a lunch or a light dinner @ about 300 calories and about 10 grams of protein – I’m doing this part from memory.)

*NOTE:  Total Value and Total Saved per receipt are quite wrong, because they don’t take in to account the clearance items.  They rung up so that they don’t show as sale items with a “you saved” amount listed.  So I recalculated using the regular prices for the clearance items to more accurately reflect the Total Value and Total Saved.  Vitalicious sandwiches reg. $4.49 ea.  Hershey’s reg. $5.99 ea.  Easter eggs reg. $1 ea. 


FINALLY BOGO: Heaven On A Stick – Frozen Diana’s Banana Babies – Find Your Store


Diana’s Banana Babies are one of my favorite frozen treats of all time.  They are just the right size, perfectly ripened to a smooth sweetness, and covered in a nice thick coat of either dark chocolate or milk chocolate.    What could be better! 

I stock up when Publix Florida has them on a Buy One Get One Free sale.  They never have  Read More


PUBLIX: Super Low Price $1.20 for Red Baron’s Large Pizzas – Hurry.

$1.20 Per Large Red Baron’s Pizza


Red Baron Pizza (large size) BOGO $6.39* for 2 (weekly ending 4/18/12 in Florida)

  • $1.00 OFF – Use 1 Manufacturer’s coupon from Winn-Dixie’s weekly ad exp. 4/17/112 (if your Publix accepts Winn-Dixke as competitor)
  • $1.00 OFF – Use 1 Store coupon from Target‘s website (then look for their Coupons link at bottom of  page)

Pay $2.39 for TWO Red Baron’s Pizzas. 


PUBLIX: Is Publix Open On Easter Sunday – April 8, 2012? Who Is?

In a word:  No


If you want to get some grocery shopping done in Florida on April 8, you can find plenty of places to go:  Whole Foods, Winn-Dixie, Super Target.  Another option would be a chain pharmacy store, such as Walgreen’s and CVS; lots of them have substantial grocery, refrigerated and frozen sections.


(Oops, I originally included Super Target as ‘open on Easter’ – It is not open 4/8/12.)



updated 3:15 PM ET



$1.00 Off Salad at Publix & Winn-Dixie

Most Publix stores in S.E.  Florida accept Winn-Dixie coupons as a competitor.  Print one or two of these and get a nice price.  These Dole Salad bags are often on sale or BOGO at Publix.  You should be able to get a great deal if you can pair two of these with a sale like that.

Ready, Set, Print HERE


ALDI’S Newbie — Liberating!!

I’ve been a die-hard Publix shopper for a while now, with a very occasional Target trip.  I’ve nearly mastered the most efficient methods for saving an average of 70% savings.  And I’m very satisfied with that at this time.  But I was lured in to the nearly new Aldi’s by the weekly ad that started today.  How could I resist 89¢ per pound for split boneless chicken breasts.  The fun began when we parked and found “free” shopping cart, already saving me 25¢ before I walked in the door.  I felt like I was in a cartoon, as I looked at every product on the deep shelves filled with boxes of neatly packed boxes and bags of popular items with packaging and names that often sound like and look like the “name” brand, but are being offerred at a deep discount, also known as Aldi’s everday low prices.

I spent $30.06 and feel like I got a great bang for my buck.  At first I had an unusual, sort of creepy feeling like I was missing some obvious deal to be made by stacking coupons and BOGOs.  It was becuse my brain was not in BOGO-coupon-stacking mode as it usually is in Publix.  It was absolutely a liberating shopping experience to shop with nothing but cash in my pocket.  During this trip, I did not miss my aisle by aisle list from Publix’s website, nor my coupon organizer filled with coupons harvested from blinkie machines, magazines, peelies, mail requests, displays, booklets, packaging, and of course Sunday newspaper inserts.  The only disappointment was that there were no more 89¢ boneless chicken breasts, as they they were all gone within two hours of opening the store.  Obviously they don’t receive enough.  I spoke to one of the staff and she explained that each store gets an amount determined by management outside the store.

For $30.08, I bought:
3 lb boneless chicken breast, frozen, 5.99
16″ deli pizza, (this is very large) 4.99
1 giant pineapple 1.39
2 lb pears 1.19
2 lb green grapes 1.79
3 lb onions .99
32 oz Lite & Fit nonfat plain yogurt 1.99

1 garlic lovers hummus 1.69

1 bag shrimp lo mein, frozen (serves 4) 3.99
12″ frozen cheese pizza .99
12″ frozen combo pizza 1.99
1 raisins 1.79
1 sweet pickle relish 1.29

I count about 24 lunches or dinners, plus snacks out of this shop.  I’ll just need to supplement the chicken, lo mein and pizzas with a salad or some freebie Birdseye veggies alrady stockpiled at home.  I defiitely would have done better at Publix mostly because I have a Winn-Dixie coupon for $5 off $30.  Beyond that, I probably could have save a couple of dollars on the lo mein.  We ate the $1.99 pizza with some homemade roasted veggies for dinner tonight.   It was full of flavor, had a perfectly crispy crust and a nice covering of gooey melted cheeze.  So dinner tonight cost 1.99 (as I got the veggies for free last month in Publix during the great Birdseye deal where some turned in to moneymakers.

If you haven’t been to Aldi’s, which is part of a successful international supermarket company with stores throughout the world,  I would recommend giving it a try if for nothing other than the incredible produce prices that Publix doesn’t come close to.  You’ll also get to witness the incredibly thoughtful and respectful way that the cashiers are provided with cushioned seats with backs so they can remain comfortable and off their feet throught much of their work day.  I applaud that practice.

Happy Shopping

… 68 Coupons Later – Saved $186 – Paid $14 – A Great Day at Publix

I Lo♥e Extreme Savings

(Just Bragging A Little Here, 🙂 )

Yesterday was the last day of the FREE boxes of Fiber One cereals with 25¢ overage on each.  So it was my second trip this week.  I was actually planning on Publix paying me to shop,  but some impulse shopping caused me to dig in to my wallet for a credit card (one that gives cash back for all purchases, of course).  Had I not inspected  the clearance rack at the front of the store, I would not have picked up a $4.50 bag of bird food (saving at least 50%).  The rest of the $14 and change was spent on Boar’s Head products from the Publix Deli counter.  It is very rare that I don’t impulse buy some items, but usually I can manage to find a coupon, or the item is a BOGO.

You only live once.

Coupons Used:

  • 4 Publix Starkist .50/1
  • 21 Publix General Mills cereal from weekly ad $2/1
  • 21 Mfr Fiber One cereal .75/1
  • 3 Publix Green Advanrage $5/2 for Phazyme & Sominex
  • 2 Mfr Phazyme $2/1
  • 2 Mfr Sominex $2/1
  • 6 Mfr Phazyne $1/1
  • 2 Mfr Pillsbury Grande Bisquits $1/1
  • 1 Mfr Dreamfield’s Pasta .55/1
  • 1 Competitor:  Target Dove chocolates $1.50/1
  • 2 Mfr Dove chocolates $1/1
  • 1 Mfr Hungry Man $1/1
  • 4 Competitor:  Winn-Dixie $5/30

The rest of the savings was from BOGOs and other sales.  All in all, I am delighted that I am set with cereal for many months to come.  Our pantry already had a bunch of  Kashi cereals and oeatmeal stocked.  Now we have a nice variety.


  • 21 Fiber One cereal
  • 2 Freshetta pizza
  • Boar’s Head roast beef
  • Boar’s Head swiss cheese
  • Boar’s Head turkey
  • 1 Whole wheat tortillas
  • 1 Dreamfield’s pasta
  • 1 Busch’s Chili Starter
  • 2 Hungry Man
  • 2 Pillsbury Grand Bisquits
  • 4 Phazyme
  • 2 Sominex
  • 2 Taco Bell taco shells
  • 4 Starkist tuna pouches
  • 1 Parrot Food 4lb
  • 2 Dove chocolate bags
  • 1 Lactaid Milk 1/2 gal.